About Red Cross

Red Cross has following activities. The Red Cross facilities in the Hiroshima prefecture works on the disaster relief, medical services, blood programs, junior Red Cross, safety services and the training of nurses.

Medical Services

The Japanese Red Cross Society contributes to the community health as the center hospital in the region. Red Cross hospital maintains the disaster health care system.

Disaster Treatment

Disaster Relief

When natural disasters such as earthquakes or typhoons occur, the branch of the Japanese Red Cross Society in the stricken area executes the relief activity

Disaster Treatment

Blood Program

The Japanese Red Cross makes blood donation thought known. And it consistantly offers safe blood.

International Activities

The Japanese Red Cross Society positively acts on the refugee relief and the disaster Campaign, launched by the Society in 1983 in collaboration with the Japan Broadcasting Corporation (NHK) and relief money sent at any time. Moreover, the Japanese Red Cross executes the Chernobyl nuclear accident victim rescue business and the development cooperation activity.

Training the Nurses

The Japanese Red Cross Society trains nursing masters and the nursing leaders with high character.

Safety Services

The Japanese Red Cross Society holds useful courses to encourage a healthy, safe life.

Junior Red Cross

The Japanese Red Cross Society supports academic training to promote the youth who can contribute to global peace and the human race’s welfare, while exchanging these idea with the overseas youth.

Social Welfare Services

The Japanese Red Cross Society operates a variety of facilities for the Elderly, Children and the Physically Disabled. It promotes regional welfare activities that support people who needs the welfare services throughout the region.